CEMARSCertified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (UK)
CEMARSCOMSEC Equipment Modification Application and Reporting System
CEMARSCarbon Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme
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Businesses can now use CEMARS and carboNZero certification to show that their product footprint is in accordance with PAS 2050 including GHG emissions reduction and offsetting activities and thus demonstrate environmental leadership and further convince their customers with the most credible evidence that their efforts to manage carbon emissions are effective and carry substance.
Clients of carboNZero Holdings are utilising CEMARS and carboNZero certification to not only 'walk the talk' with respect to their environmental claims, but also to clearly differentiate themselves from competitors with internationally recognised standards in measuring, managing, and reducing or offsetting their carbon emissions," added Smith.
The group has engaged in a programme to achieve CEMARS as it strives to minimise harm to the environment, prevent pollution and use best practice environment solutions wherever possible to minimise its carbon foot-print.