CEMASClassification of Eye Movement Abnormalities and Strabismus (US National Eye Institute; Bethesda, MD)
CEMASCivil Engineering Materiel Acquisition System
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Professor Khalid Al-Begain, director of CEMAS said: "We are part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and established at the University of South Wales.
CEMAS, Prof Khalid said, is unique in that it is able to minimise the initial risks to businesses that are associated with developing a mobile application through a fully-funded app development programme available to eligible SMEs in Wales.
CEMAS has set up the Mobile Innovation Network (MINe), which gives like-minded companies across the UK as well as international players within the mobile and telecommunications sector opportunities to network, to foster new ideas and find commercial opportunities through mutual collaboration.
Golwg had previously worked with CEMAS while preparing an app for its weekly news and current affairs magazine of the same name.
We first came into contact with the team whilst planning an app for our weekly news and current affairs magazine we were already in contact with various companies who were keen to develop the project for us, and CEMAS offered good advice and guidance whilst going through the process of commissioning someone to do the work.
Now we have worked in partnership with CEMAS to develop our exciting new Welsh language app for young children.
Seated from left: David Messruther, C-ToolZ and Dann Rees, CEMAS, demonstrate the new C-ToolZ mobile app, with Martin Spicer, CEMAS (back left), and Gareth Evans, Business in Focus Picture: Patrick Olner
Housed at the University s Treforest campus, CEMAS has already been backed with almost Au2.
Since being set up in 2011, CEMAS has supported more than 40 SMEs in the Convergence area of Wales and created over 20 apps.
The CEMAS project is helping us overcome the challenges we were facing and is offering practical hands-on development, research and presentation support.
Prior to their collaboration with CEMAS, Arkuris had been unable to move into the mobile marketplace due to the company not being able to afford the development fees or to take on an additional member of staff.
CEMAS was able to assist Arkuris through its business support programme and allow horseRATION and another farming app - farmGRAZE - to come to the market.