CEMRIContrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CEMRICollaborative Environmental Monitoring and Research Initiative
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Absence of any perifocal edema, absence of post contrast enhancement, typical CSF intensity on all CEMRI pulse sequences and CSF attenuation on NCCT rule out the possibility of cerebral abscess and brain tumors.
2: [A] MRI TiW axial [B] MRI TiW sagittal [C] CEMRI TiW axial [D] MRI T2W axial scan showing an intra axial well defined cystic SOL displaying CSF signal intensity with no post contrast enhancement and no perifocal edema noted in right middle cerebral artery territory measuring approximately 6.
Doutor e investigador auxiliar do laboratorio de Antropologia Visual do CEMRI, Universidade Aberta.