CENTACCentre d'Entraînement au Combat
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mailly (10) CENTAC scorpion FECS Project management assistance for the realization of regulatory files IOTA Quantities (supplies and services), nature and wide (work): the benefits will be made ?
mailly camp (10) - CENTAC - building a centralized wood boiler, its heating network and substations CCAEM Quantities (supplies and services), nature and wide (work): this concerns the operation construction of a boiler with a capacity of 14MW, renovation of 8 secondary boiler island, 63 substations and the resumption of the heating network (creation of 3 500 ml and 3000 ml of renovation).
Deployed at the French Army's CENTAC combat training centre in Mailly-le-Camp (France), it will be used to instruct and train commanders of company-level combined-arms task forces, as well as section and platoon leaders.