CENTAFUS Air Forces, US Central Command
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59) Still, he concluded that Warden had done an "academic study" and now CENTAF had to "make it reality.
Previously, the Air Force had a requirement to maintain approximately $100 million throughout the CENTAF AOR in foreign bank LDAs.
A relationship is forming between the Central Command staff and the Central Command component headquarters, like its CENTAF and U.
Central Command (CENTCOM) and CENTAF senior leadership, a bed down location for the Iraqi C-130E aircraft was identified and a USAF C-130E unit was deployed there as part of a previously determined requirement.
AFSAA offered to dispatch four analysts and their equipment to CENTAF immediately and allow them to remain in-theater for as long as their services were needed.
Conroy deployed numerous times following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 to the First Air Force, Third Air Force, and CENTAF combined air operations centers.
Warden and his team briefed Schwarzkopf on 17 August 1990 and then flew to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to hand off the plan to CENTAF in-theater.
The CENTAF commander, Lt Gen Walter Buchanan, in a February 2006 interview, commented that due to the C-130 moves to Balad that it has become a "true hub and spoke system.
His superior program management and leadership was recognized when he was presented the AEW coin by the 455 AEW Commander for exceptional performance during a CENTAF Staff Assistance Visit where an amazing zero weapons discrepancies were noted for either Bagram or Kandahar AB.
The US Air Forces CENTCOM (CENTAF) Combined Air Operations Center accepted responsibility and began to aggressively work with CENTAF A4 staff and Headquarters Air Combat Command staff to develop a basing strategy.