CENTCOMUS Central Command
CENTCOMCoalition Central Command
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Some of those CENTCOM analysts described the sizeable cadre of protesting analysts as a "revolt" by intelligence professionals who are paid to give their honest assessment, based on facts, and not to be influenced by national-level policy.
At the daily press briefing in Pentagon, a reporter from leading US media house put a question to Centcom Spokesman that Pakistani intelligence agency the ISI was providing funds to the ISIS for recruiting agents and followers in Afghanistan.
During the meeting Commander CENTCOM Gen Lloyd Austin acknowledged that Pakistan is a stabilizing factor in the wake of US/ISAF drawdown.
CENTCOM is involved in two conflicts -- one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq and Syria -- that are essentially counterinsurgencies.
Centcom confirmed its accounts were "compromised" but added: "There was no operational impact.
En tant que patron du Centcom, il supervisera la guerre en Afghanistan mais aussi la situation dans des pays aussi divers que la Syrie, le Yemen, l'Iran ou le Pakistan.
We continue to support the Government operations team providing this valuable capability supporting CENTCOM mission objectives," said Andreas Nonnenmacher, vice president, Goodrich's ISR Systems business.
CENTCOM announced last week that it was just now beginning to implement its plan, developed six months ago, to improve its mine-clearing capabilities.
They unveiled the Surface Tender CENTCOM Region (STCR) program to local government officials and business Professionals from the Southern Caucasus/Central and South Asia (SC/CASA) Region.
General Wynne briefed the CENTCOM chief on a number of issues, stressing that Pakistan has played a gigantic role in the war against terrorism, and that its sacrifices and services were hard to count.
CentCom is in charge of much of the Greater Middle East (GME) and the Horn of Africa (HoA), including Iraq and the AfPak front.
In a September 17 memorandum, the Centcom, which is in-charge of all US military activity around the world, ordered its contractors in Afghanistan to terminate foreign nationals whose laws prohibit their citizens from working in the Central Asian country.