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CENTERContinuing Education Network for Training, Enrichment and Renewal (Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association)
CENTERConsolidated Enterprise Network Test and Evaluation Range (USAF; San Antonio, Texas
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Look at it now, David--if you can see it from the doorway of this hut--and you will see that it is still in the exact center of the heavens.
Centrifugal force hurled the particles of the nebulous center toward the crust as rapidly as they approached a solid state.
We were placed in the center of the amphitheater--the thousand creatures forming a great ring about us.
This motion, faithful to the laws of mechanics, would have been accelerated with the diminution of its volume; and a moment would have arrived when the centrifugal force would have overpowered the centripetal, which causes the molecules all to tend toward the center.
To this Will Scarlet took heed, so the next arrow he shot lodged fairly in the center ring; again he shot, and again he smote the center; but, for all that, stout Hubert had outshot him, and showed the better target.
The first arrow he struck into the center ring, but the second missed its mark, and smote the black; the last arrow was tipped with luck, for it smote the very center of the clout, upon the black spot that marked it.
He never lowered his bow arm in all the shooting, but fitted each shaft with his longbow raised; yet all three of his arrows smote the center within easy distance of the black.
Two other captains had touched their center four times, but not roundly.
And in truth he did so, for the shaft he loosed sped true, and landed on the black bull's-eye, though not in the exact center.
The knave has left wide space at the center for all of your darts.
At a signal from Dak Kova the doors of two cages were thrown open and a dozen green Martian females were driven to the center of the arena.
And he knew that he would find them by the great post in the center of Mbonga village.
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