CENTIFCellule Nationale de Traitement des Informations Financières (French: National Financial Intelligence Processing Unit; various nations; also seen as CNTIF)
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CENTIF convenes quarterly meetings to improve coordination among law enforcement offices and help follow cases after referral to see how they are progressing through the justice system.
CENTIF is open to exchanging information on a reciprocity basis with counterpart FIUs.
In the three years since CENTIF was organized, there have been no successful prosecutions for AML/CFT violations.
CENTIF has suffered numerous setbacks, including a fire in 2010.
According to critics, this law allows a level of protection for white collar offenders and dignitaries targeted by CENTIF, and violates the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) legislation required to be in force among all members.
CENTIF should perform more outreach to obligated non-bank financial institutions to ensure a better understanding of the content and filing requirements for STRs.
Other than the authority granted to CENTIF by the AML law, the GOCI has neither adopted laws nor promulgated regulations that specifically allow for the exchange of records with the United States on money laundering and terrorist financing.
CENTIF can share information with other FIUs in WAEMU and with those of non-WAEMU countries on a reciprocal basis and with the permission of the Ministry of Finance.
AML Law 06-066 allows Mali's CENTIF to share information with foreign FIUs on the condition of reciprocity and analogous requirements in regard to professional secrecy.
CENTIF reportedly does not share or disseminate information or financial intelligence to law enforcement.
CENTIF has signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) for information exchange with a number of FIUs and is open to information exchange on the basis of reciprocity.
The GOT should ensure the new CENTIF has adequate resources and authority to fulfill its responsibilities.