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CENTREXCentral Exchange
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Organizations profit from the Centrex Receptionist because it can eliminate the need for a receptionist or reduce the overload of calls receptionists handle, freeing their time for other duties.
The Centrex Symposium TAPI-S Driver is the latest offering in the Centrex CTI portfolio.
NYNEX Digital Centrex Plus Service provides the call-handling benefits of traditional hardware-based business phone systems, but instead uses powerful software in the telephone network itself.
Our CallXpress solution has advanced integration capabilities that make it an ideal choice for some of the special environments in which Centrex may be deployed.
UK-Based Telecommunication Firm's Centrex Service Project
According to David Bensted, president and chief executive officer, of dba Telecom, "Singapore Telecom is a very progressive telephone company that has pioneered the introduction of Centrex services in Asia.
Unlike IP Centrex and alternative PBX solutions, the SMB 1500 is premises-based and software-driven to simplify system management, enhance call quality and optimize network performance.
is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based developer and manufacturer of telecommunications products targeted at the Centrex customer premises, equipment and small business markets.
The expansion of the mobile Centrex system was deployed at the Osaka New Office Gallery, ITOKI's Osaka headquarters, which functions as a business hub in Kansai and a showroom, where visitors can see how this system is operated.
Vancouver: DBA) ("DBA") announced today that BellSouth Communication Systems ("BellSouth") has introduced DBA's SmartCAP Centrex Attendant Console ("SmartCAP") in all nine southeastern states serviced by BellSouth.
Page Centrex is the ultimate Facebook Marketing service for marketers, allowing them to indulge in advertising and marketing on Facebook from a single integrated service.
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