CENTRIXSCombined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (formerly CENTCOM Region Information Exchange System)
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Ching is responsible for the design and sustainment of CENTRIXS Network Operations Centers (NOCs) for the Navy.
The CENTRIXS portion of P-173 allows Ching's engineers to improve the system design and gain efficiencies through virtualization.
The new CENTRIXS NOC will allow coalition countries improved access to the various networks through the use of the Internet and allow watchstanders improved monitoring capability through increased workstation access.
The strength of CENTRIXS is in its ability to permit highly secure communications between the United States and partner nations.
However, for the DESI installs, extremely mobile, small footprint, low-bandwidth CENTRIXS Portable Operations Kits (CPOK) were used.
However, these three applications are the cornerstone of the collaboration toolsets allowing the ships to maintain 24/7 situational awareness with any other CENTRIXS enabled units.
CMFP is a new community of interest in the existing CENTRIXS Global Counterterrorism Task Force (GCTF) security enclave.
Notably, this was the first RIMPAC in which each ship had continuous round-the-clock CENTRIXS connectivity versus intermittent dial-up connection.
Whereas CENTRIXS access in previous exercises had been largely limited to watchstations, CMFP attracted hands-on attention from numerous participants throughout the chain of command up to flag level.
TBMCS machines were installed in the CAOC using CENTRIXS as the backbone to allow coalition interoperability.
The enclaves were: CENTRIXS 4-EYES (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States), CENTRIXS-JPN (Japan, United States), CENTRIXS-R (Chile, South Korea, United States) and SIPRNET.
During the first week of RIMPAC, the CFACC staff worked closely with the Commander, Combined Task Force (CCTF) staff to improve CENTRIXS interoperability, providing unprecedented coalition interoperability via C4I connectivity to SIPRNET and all three CENTRIXS enclaves.
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