CEOAComprehensive Effects of Alcohol
CEOACommercial Executive Online Advertising
CEOACentral European Operating Agency
CEOACenter for Earth Observations & Applications (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD)
CEOACentre d'Écoute et d'Orientation pour Adolescents (French: Centre for Listening and Guidance for Teenagers)
CEOACentre d'Évaluation et d'Observation de l'Adolescent (French: Adolescent Assessment and Observation Center)
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Finally, multiple logistic regression analyses were conducted to assess the role of the expected effects of alcohol scales in explaining self-reported barroom aggression controlling for the two CEOA alcohol expectancy domains, heavy episodic drinking and trait aggression.
Also, in relation to the deal, the trading of Bau-Verein's stock on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Hanseatic Stock Exchange in Hamburg will be discontinued, which will result in material savings, theA CEOA added.
SeeNews) - Feb 21, 2014 -A Belgian biopharmaceuticals firmA UCBA (EBR:UCB)A said ThursdayA Jean-Christophe Tellier would replace Roch Doliveux as CEOA as of January 1, 2015.
A The US companyA has also built expertise for in-vitro production, which allows for manufacturing on a commercial scale, the CEOA added.
B) future in Belgium is largely dependent on a new order by local railway operatorA NMBSA Groep, news agency Belga reported Friday, citing CEOA Pierre Beaudoin.
This will allowA the group to consolidate its local presence, according to CEOA Martin Strobel.
According to CEOA Tim Van Hauwermeiren, the company wants to focus on applications in rare diseases, forA whichA a treatment is not available yet.
According to CEOA Edwin Moses, this grant is a clear confirmation to the company'sA pioneering approach in treating respiratoryA infections in infants.
According to Ablynx's CEOA Edwin Moses, the nanobody has a great potential in the Chinese market thanks to its very good efficacy, as measured by biomarkers, and its strong safety profile.