CEODCentro Educativo Occupazionale Diurno (Italian: Education Center Jobs Diurno; Verona, Italy)
CEODCommission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (est. 2003; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg, VA)
CEODCongenital Encephalo-Ophthalmic Dysplasia (ophthalmology)
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Fue un estudio transversal y comparativo en 189 ninos de 3 a 6 anos, seleccionados por conveniencia, se clasificaron en tres grupos: 63 normo peso, 63 sobrepeso, 63 con obesidad, consideraron el indice de masa corporal, indices de caries CEOD y CEO-S, asi como indice de placa dental de O'Leary.
The household savings rate has returned to around 6 per cent now that all the measures of the Whitsun tax package instituted in 1998 have worked through (see CEOD, 2000).
Transport service in favor of disabled people attending the Public CEOD ULSS 20 Districts social and health 1 to 2 and 3, including the disabled CEOD cerris, the pre school work port and the transport of disabled residents in the town of Verona attending school.