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CEOSCentre for Earth Observation Science (University of Manitoba; Department of Geography)
CEOSCommunity Education Outreach Service (West Virginia)
CEOSConference on Engaging in Open Source (computing)
CEOSClimate and Eastern Ocean Systems (research project)
CEOSCommittee on Earth Observation Satellites
CEOSChild Exploitation and Obscenity Section (US Department of Justice)
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There are many visible examples of COOs who made positive differences for the CEO and the company--Mort Topfer at Dell and Ray Lane at Oracle come quickly to mind.
As a physician, your career trajectory is expected to be different from that of the traditional CEOs, whose career paths progress from humble beginnings in entry level management positions.
In summary, the proposal to require CEOs to sign corporate tax returns would impose a burden on CEOs that most are ill-trained to bear, would unnecessarily saddle companies with additional compliance costs, and represents a step backward for efficient tax administration since the person signing the return would not be the employee in the best position to ensure the accuracy or completeness of a complex multinational tax return.
CEOs have to gather facts, consult colleagues, make assumptions, consider alternatives, make decisions and move on to the next issue in a disciplined and sometimes ruthless way.
That's not to say the old economy CEOs don't recognize techno-knowledge as a growing talent requirement.
As chairman and CEO of the New American Strategies Group, a result of a partnership between DCA and True North Communications, Coleman is poised to capitalize on the African American, Asian and Latino markets and to increase his clout in the ad game.
CEOs should ensure that the organization has the resources needed to correctly identify and fulfill each employee's training needs.
Pay for CEOs at the 30 corporations with the biggest layoffs last year rose an average 67.
It is reassuring to note, however, that over the longer term, CEOs are more sanguine.
Critical business applications that have traditionally been inside the network are now becoming interconnected and organizations of all sizes have a great need to 'externalize' their data and business processes in a secure way so they can operate on a global scale by leveraging the economies of scale the Internet offers," said Philippe Courtot, CEO and chairman of Qualys.
Shareholders and management alike are justifiably incensed when high-profile CEOs spend too much time traveling, appearing on television, giving speeches or doing anything that does not pertain directly to the business at hand.