CEPADConsejo de Iglesias Pro-Alianza Denominacional (Spanish: Council of Churches Pro-Denominational Alliance; Nicaragua)
CEPADCentre d'Education Populaire et d'Animation pour le Developpement (French: Center for Popular Education and Animation for Development; Cameroon)
CEPADCentre for Peace and Democracy
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Juan Fransisco seems to have one of the better crops of the eight small producers who CEPAD is using for the project.
CEPAD founder Gustavo Parajon quoted the book of Amos and emphasized that there will only be peace in Nicaragua if there is justice.
Brentwood Presbyterian Church and CEPAD formalized a covenant relationship through the ministries of CEPAD's Bluefields, Nicaragua office.
That's like Reagan and his trickledown effect," says Yamileth Sequeria, a community organizer for CEPAD, the Council of Evangelical Churches in Nicaragua.