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CEPEConselho de Ensino, Pesquisa e Extensão (Portuguese: Board of Education, Research and Extension; Brazil)
CEPEComputer Ethics Philosophical Enquiry (conference series)
CEPEComisión Económica Para Europa (Spanish: Economic Commission for Europe; UN)
CEPECentre for Energy Policy and Economics
CEPECorporacion Estatal Petrolera Ecuatoriana (Ecuador)
CEPECentre d'Ecologie et Physiologie Énergétiques (French: Center for Ecology and Physiological Energetics; University of Strasbourg)
CEPEEuropean Confederation of Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colours Manufacturers Associations
CEPECentral Experimental and Proving Establishment
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There are a lot of synergies with CEPE, particularly with regulatory and HSE issues.
We know that the printers are now getting concerned about REACH because they are starting to ask printing ink producers about its implications," said Paul Keymolen, assistant secretary general at CEPE.
Jon Birger Aarnes of Jotun, Norway, putlined a CEPE case study on a mixture exposure scenario for a protective coating based on information on all "critical" substances in the formulation.
Through the Downstream Users of Chemical Coordination Group (DUCC), an alliance of coatings, adhesives, detergents, cosmetics and construction chemical associations, CEPE is tackling the complexities of communicating exposure scenarios further down the supply chain.
Tom Bowtell added: "Regaining the UK's rightful position at Europe's top table will be instrumental in helping the continued drive to increase our lobbying effectiveness from the BCF and I look forward to contributing to the work of CEPE in the coming years.
The CEPE started investigating Tsarnaev in April 2012, but no banned websites or suspicious contacts were found on his cellphone.
Blitz the egg whites and dried cepes in a blender until the cepes are ground and the egg whites are frothy.
Cepes need a skilled hand, so we filled a carrier bag and took them down to Mme at the cafA, whose hands there are none more skilled.
Roasted Barramundi with cauliflower cream, cepes and broccolini polanaise
Look for dried cepes (also called porcini) and chanterelle mushrooms in the gourmet section of your supermarket.
The situation in Wales is reflected across northern Europe with poor harvests in Italy and France of porcini - what we call cepes - considered by many as the finest-tasting and most versatile of mushrooms.