CEPIICentre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales (French: Institute for Research on the International Economy)
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As data sources, we use the SABI (Sistema de Analisis de Balances Ibericos) database and the annual accounts for the company-related variables, UNCTAD for inward FDI, the CEPII database for the bilateral geographical distance, and the World Development Indicators published by the World Bank for the remaining variables.
First, we adopt the CEPII (3) distance which measures the metric distance between the countries capital cities (WEI, 2000B; CUERVO-CAZURRA, 2008; BOGMANS; JONG, 2011).
2005) "Institutional determinants of foreign direct investment", CEPII Working Document 2005-05, CEPII, Paris.
The Product Space and accompanying complexity metrics are derived from CEPII international trade data between 1995 and 2013, including 129 countries and 1240 product classes (4) which can be aggregated at various levels.
The biggest worry is about a financial stampede" to get out of Europe, said Thomas Grjebine, an economist at the CEPII international economics institute.
Data on exports for 2005 come from BACI-CEPII and gravity variables come from CEPII gravity database.
Tax Competition and Foreign Direct Investment", CEPII Working Paper No.
CEPII (2003) reports strong gains in output per hour worked associated with information and communication capital growth in France during the period 1996-2000.
The Geography of International Trade [La geographie du commerce mondial: 1967-2011], Panorama du CEPII, n[degrees] 2014-A-01.
I furthermore control for the bilateral Exports (in log of constant 2005 USD) in the tariff category, with data from the CEPII database, reasoning that large exports are more likely to trigger a "rearguard action" of affected industries in the importing country, so that the expected sign of the coefficient is negative in the liberalization model and positive in the exclusion model.
International Trade Price Indices", CEPII Working Paper, No.