CEPPChemical Emergency Preparedness Program (EPA)
CEPPCommunity Emergency Preparedness Programme (Singapore)
CEPPChartered Estate Planning Practitioner
CEPPChemical Emergency Preparedness Plan
CEPPCalWORKs Emergency Payment Program
CEPPCommittee on Educational Policy and Planning
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Smith Enron's 180-megawatt capacity was out of service, as were the two 65-megawatt units of CEPP and EGE's Puerto Plata I and II, which supply another 67 megawatts combined.
The recommendation of the CEPP (Commission d'Evaluation des Produits et Prestations) placed Physio-Stim ahead of a second surgery or ultrasound treatment.
Generators CEPP I and II produce 60 megawatts and are the third largest power park, only surpassed by AES Dominican Power I and II (205 megawatts), and Smith Enron (185 megawatts).
CEPP complains that they received payment for only 40% of the power billed in December and 46% of power billed in January.
a leading supplier of Emergency and Safety products, and CEPP (Center for Emergency Preparedness and Provisioning) a subdivision that provides disaster and survival relief products.
Inspired by an established partnership with Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio, the CEPP provides a framework for colleges and universities to begin offering classes in data mining competency.
We created the CEPP so that colleges and universities can offer a valuable advantage to their students and communities, " said Jack Noonan, president and CEO of SPSS.
The CEPP curriculum is founded on the CRoss Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) methodology and emphasizes the critical skills necessary to conduct successful data mining initiatives.
Therefore, a CEPPS must address unique challenges that will require thoughtful integration of multidisciplinary expertise.
A modern CEPPS needs to be an intelligence-empowered system that includes capability for information collection/processing and decision making, mechatronics devices for sensing and control, and the ability to synergistically integrate these components into functional systems.
The underlying concept of ConSEnT is to integrate information and knowledge related to CEPPS from various sources in real-time, perform systems analysis, evaluate systems-level performance, and deliver the results of the analysis based on the most current information, also in real-time.
CEPPS refers to the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening, a cooperative agreement under which contracts for most USAID contracts for support to elections and political processes are negotiated.