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CEPRCentre for Economic Policy Research (London, UK)
CEPRCenter for Economic and Policy Research (Washington, DC)
CEPRCentre Européen de Prévention des Risques
CEPRCentre for Emergency Preparedness and Response (UK)
CEPRCompromising Emanation Performance Requirement
CEPRConsolidating Economic Policy Reform
CEPRCorps of Engineers Office of the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting
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We searched for this signal by mechanically isolating vascular tissues, in which CEPR is expressed, from wild-type, CEP-treated, and cepr mutant plants, followed by transcriptome analysis using a microarray system.
Monetary Policy in a Cashless Society," CEPR Discussion Papers 2696, London.
The CEPR document accepts the conventional story that the trigger was the newly elected Greek government's revelation that previous governments had masked the size of the budget deficit.
2014), Macroprudentialism, London, CEPR, VoxEU eBook.
Durante el verano y el mes de agosto o de 2014, el investigador realizo multiples consultas a traves de la pagina del CEPR usando los siguientes descriptores: en linea, online, no presencial, a distancia.
This is not the first time CEPR has conducted this study.
Arafat Madi, who is coordinating the visit, said in a press statement that the delegation is a continuation of the efforts made by the CEPR over the past year to have the European Union (EU) and its member states intervene and stop the continued Israeli human rights violations against the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails.
Dichas metodologias son: el criterio del CEPR, el algoritmo Bry-Boschan (1971) y el indice de difusion acumulado.
In most industries, the costs associated with employee turnover are significant; they include losses in productivity (pre-turnover as well as post-turnover); recruitment, selection and hiring; safety issues; and the orientation and training of new employees (Bliss 2010, 2012; CEPR 2012; O'Connell and Kung 2007).
The IMF, World Bank, IDB, and other multilateral institutions deserve a large share of the blame for Jamaica's prolonged and ongoing economic stagnation and debt trap," CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot said.
CEPR researchers say that it would be better to view them as people confronting "long-term hardship," facing permanently diminished income even if they do find work.
According to the CEPR Study, the majority of countries studied