CEPSACentral European Political Science Association
CEPSACompañía Española de Petroleos Sociedad Anónima (Petroleum Spanish Company, Inc.) Spanish
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Wholly-owned CEPSA subsidiary CEPSA International BV is taking a 20% stake in Cosmo Abu Dhabi Energy Exploration & Production Co.
CEPSA Chemical (Shanghai) will use UOP s Phenol process to produce high quality phenol and by-product acetone, key building blocks for polycarbonate plastics used in construction and automobile production.
CEPSA Senior Vice President, Technology, Refining and Gas, Manuel Abollado said, "The utilization rate of the CEPSA's refinery capacity is currently roughly 98 percent.
The collaboration between CEPSA and our Fired Heater Division dates back to 1967, when we supplied the first fired heaters for CEPSA's Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery.
Not only is CEPSA a major energy player in Spain, but it also has an expanding global portfolio of operations in countries such as Algeria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Panama and Portugal, selling its products on all five continents.
CEPSA has alleged that, after recognizing CEPSA as one of its best bottlers and enshrining CEPSA in the Pepsi Hall of Fame, Pepsi concocted a pretext to terminate the exclusive bottling agreement.
The profit increase was attributable to the robust operational performance of CEPSA, NOVA Chemicals and Borealis along with the recovery of certain listed equities held by bar," IPIC said in a statement.
AspenTech's multi-unit modeling solution will enable CEPSA to create integrated, rigorous simulation models of its refineries, incorporating all the key process units, providing managers with an accurate basis for economic decisions.
We are especially proud to note that the Interquisa Canada plant is the driving force of the industrial recovery of the petrochemical sector in Quebec," says Carlos Perez de Bricio, Chair of the board of directors and president and CEO of CEPSA.
Some of the 300 tons of the vessel's own diesel fuel has leaked, but none of the light fuel cargo was immediately detected in the water, said the Spanish energy company CEPSA, which had hired the vessel.
06 per cent of CEPSA's share capital, has announced today, through a significant event filed with the Spanish Securities Market Commission (CNMV), that it will launch a public takeover bid on the entire share capital of CEPSA.
CEPSA has been present in Quebec (Canada) since 1993 also through a joint venture with SGF, set up to manufacture and market Linear Alkybenzene (LAB) used as a tensioactive raw material in the production of biodegradable detergents.