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CEPTCommon Effective Preferential Tariff (ASEAN)
CEPTChemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (wastewater)
CEPTConférence Européenne des Postes et des Télécommunications (French)
CEPTCentre for Environmental Planning & Technology
CEPTComite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications (French: European Committee of the Stations and Telecommunications)
CEPTCertified Expert Penetration Tester
CEPTConference of European Postal & Telecommunications
CEPTCase Execution Performance Tool (US Navy acquisition)
CEPTCommission of European Post and Telecommunications
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The TEL includes products which, due to their sensitivity to a country's economy, are temporarily excluded from the CEPT scheme.
We commend CEPT s decision to support identification of L-band spectrum, between 1427 and 1518MHz, for mobile broadband.
In a competitive bidding process, NeuStar was selected by CEPT as the preferred provider of ETNS number administration services.
ASEAN leaders agreed last year to accelerate the CEPT scheme by lowering tariffs to 0-5% by 2002, a year ahead of the earlier-set schedule.
CEPT is acknowledged by the ITU-R as a composite representative of many European administrations.
Acronyms CEPT Confederation of European Posts and Telecommunications | EU European Union | GSMA Groupe Speciale Mobile Association | IFF Friend or Foe | RFID Radio-frequency Identification Y2K Year 2000
The European regulators organisation, CEPT, has pointed out that some administrations are unsure under which categorisation convergent services should fall (CEPT, 2007, p.
ASEAN economic ministers are expected to sign a protocol during the Singapore meeting that will give some leeway to members which have difficulties in complying with their CEPT obligations to realize free trade in the region.
ASEAN has now agreed to complete the establishment of AFTA by the year 2002 for the six original signatories to the CEPT scheme -- Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand -- but with some flexibility.
By the end of 2000, each of the first six nations to sign the CEPT Agreement had assigned tariff rates of 0 to 5 percent to at least 85 percent of the items on the inclusion list (IL).
The protocol, amending the original 1992 CEPT, allows principal or substantial supplier countries to retaliate against deferring countries if they fail to agree upon compensation.
For example, taking the viewpoint of a bidder for paired spectrum in a country that adopts the CEPT band plan (2 x 70MHz of paired spectrum plus 50MHz of unpaired spectrum), two factors need to be taken into account when considering the Swedish outcome.