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CEQCouncil On Environmental Quality
CEQCourse Experience Questionnaire (higher education)
CEQCentrale de l'Enseignement du Québec
CEQChina Economic Quarterly (est. 1997; publication)
CEQCalifornia Environmental Quality Act of 1970
CEQClosed-Ended Questions
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The annual CEQ NEPA Litigation Survey shows that on average about 129 lawsuits are filed challenging NEPA compliance each year, approximately eight of which involve a challenge to agency application of a CE.
The low number of apparitional cases prevents us from exploring the influence of factors other than those measured by the CP-SPQ, TAS and CEQ, such as the context in which the apparitional and apparition-like experience occurred (e.
Since publication of the report, the CEQ has held four public regional roundtables to gather input on the recommendations and expects to announce which changes it will be advancing later this year.
Details: For more information on the Task Force or on the comment period, please contact Rhey Solomon at 202-456-5432 at CEQ.
recommendations, the CEQ leaves land-use planners with no meaningful
The CEQ notes that Congress envisioned that "[f]or the first time, the law [TSCA] empowers the federal government to control and even to stop production or use of chemical substances that may present an unreasonable risk of injury to health or environment.
Many Regular Army officers who were transitioning to the Reserve Component had an obvious CEQ (assuming that they entered active duty through a formal, 4-year commissioning source), but did not have proof of their qualification in their new U.
CEQ was set up as a three member council charged with advising the
Mir Khalid Lango on the occasion informed the CEQ QESCO about the problems being faced by the people in general and the zamindars in particular due to the long-lasting electricity crisis in the province.
The CEQ is carried out through five quarterly interviews, with data from the last four being used to produce official survey estimates.