CEQACalifornia Environmental Quality Act of 1970
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Football the Right Way claims Carson has mishandled the potential stadium process in several respects, including violating CEQA.
He also represents developers in land use, CEQA, redevelopment, zoning, subdivision, and other real estate development matters.
Robert McMurry has participated in more than a dozen seminars on the topic and has taught on CEQA at Loyola Law School.
The Daily News thinks stopping a multimillion-dollar single-line project, spitting in the face of CEQA law with its broader implications, and refusing to consider a comprehensive transit plan for Valleyites ``pointless.
In addition, the consultant will prepare a document (EIR anticipated) in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act ( CEQA ).
As part of a settlement agreement, the city agreed to put together a pepper tree management plan and abide by CEQA requirements.
The settlement announced today comes after Defenders and Butte Environmental Council filed a federal lawsuit under the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act against the project because it would have eliminated thousands of acres of vital habitat, an issue not addressed in the CEQA litigation.
Kilroy argued before the Court of Appeal that the City had manipulated the CEQA process in an effort to aid the approval of the Campus El Segundo project.
Environmental Compliance Prepare and coordinate compliance documents to meet CEQA statutes and guidelines which may include, but are not limited to, the preparation of a Categorical Exemption (CE), Negative RFQ#10499 Environmental Planning & Consulting Services On-Call Basis-Federally Funded Projects Page 9 of 43 Declaration (ND), Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) with Technical Studies, or an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
Under the CEQA, mitigation is required for the loss of oak woodlands, but in some counties, this is ignored, Kuehl said.
This could have all been avoided if the Sacramento City Council had enforced CEQA from the beginning.
Both the county and city are appealing the case, claiming the decree and the environmental impact report violate CEQA, the federal Clean Water and Clean Air acts, and the National Environmental Policy Act.