CEQSCenter for Enterprise Quality and Safety (University of Kentucky)
CEQSCertificate in Equality Studies
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The relationship between the CEQS subscales is greater than those between the CEQS and the GEQ subscales, thus confirming the discriminant validity of the CEQS.
The reliability of the CEQS and the GEQ factors was calculated using Cronbach's alpha coefficient which found acceptable values for almost all the factors.
The purpose of the present study is to translate and analyse the psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the CEQS.
The reliability of the CEQS confirmed acceptable alpha scores for the five subscales demonstrating that this is a questionnaire with acceptable internal consistency.
The results of the correlation analysis between the CEQS and the GEQ subscales indicate high relationships.
The discriminant validity of the CEQS was confirmed using a comparison of the correlations of the CEQS and GEQ subscales.
The CEQS is a brief questionnaire that is easy to apply and evaluate and contains simple instructions therefore allowing it to be applied prior to a competition following the recommendations established by Bandura (2006) for the design of collective efficacy questionnaires.
We can use two different possibilities for evaluating collective efficacy in a sports context: design a questionnaire for each sport; use a general questionnaire such as the CEQS which can be used for different team sports with athletes of different performance levels, age and gender.