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CERADConsortium to Establish A Registry for Alzheimer's Disease
CERADCentral European Weather Radar Network
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In a multivariate analysis, deficits on CERAD Recognition Memory and Trail Making B were associated with a 6.
2010) Total scores of the CERAD neuropsychological assessment battery: validation for mild cognitive impairment and dementia patients with diverse etiologies.
4 These criteria essentially encompass both CERAD and Braak criteria (Table 3).
The CERAD Word List Memory task involves 10 printed words (Morris et al.
Recruitment of black elderly for clinical research studies of dementia: The CERAD experience.
Performance of elderly African American and white community residents on the CERAD Neuropsychological Battery.
Announcement of competition: Laboratory Fixtures for CERAD laboratories NMBU
If their age-adjusted CERAD score was 35 or less, they were referred to a physician for a medical work-up.
In addition, residence within 50 m of a major road was adversely associated with performance on all subtests of the CERAD battery, although few individual associations achieved statistical significance.
All patients were tested using the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and symbol digit test and subtests of the CERAD battery.
The frequency of amyloid plaques and NFTs was assessed as absent, sparse, moderate, or frequent utilizing the CERAD criteria[22] on the A[Beta]1-28- and tau-immunostained sections, respectively.