CERDECCommunications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center
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Thampan said CERDEC is about to deliver a ruggedized version of the wearable fuel cell, and the Army hopes to test it in an exercise next year.
chief of CERDEC Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate's Cyber Technology Branch.
CERDEC oversaw the process as the data moved through the Common CBM+ Architecture to JSEC, LIA, and a contractor support facility in Jackson, N.
The UCB technology was tested and matured in a rapid, agile environment and this was made possible by the collaboration and process simultaneity afforded by the MCBL," said Michael Anthony, CERDEC COBRA ATO manager.
The process described in this paper has evolved over the course of numerous studies done by the CERDEC Architecture and Systems Engineering Office (ASEO) for various Army customers, growing in fidelity and capability with each study.
CERDEC asked Harris to develop the terminals in an open standards architecture that is hardware agnostic.
government represents Microsoft's single biggest customer, the agreement with CERDEC was just the second joint research project for Microsoft throughout the federal government and DoD.
A key capability that CERDEC developed, in partnership with ITT Corp.
CERDEC is focused on soldier power, but is taking a holistic approach to providing power to the battlefield to include more efficient generator and power-grid systems.
In some ways, we are a victim of our own success since FOPEN stands for foliage penetration but does more than just foliage penetration; it can reveal various areas of interest that may be camouflaged or obstructed and has applicability in multiple areas of operation," said Dan Kuderna, chief, CERDEC Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate Radar and Combat Identification Division.
The systems will support the five-year cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) into which the organizations recently entered, enabling AAI UAS and CERDEC to work together on various payloads for three classes of UAS -- tactical, small and miniature, also known as Groups 3, 2 and 1.