CERDECCommunications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center
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Other tasks will include offering space facility management, environmental compliance and security services for personnel at CERDEC bases and subordinate directorates.
The company has developed a wearable fuel cell for CERDEC using alane that is roughly the size of a conformal battery worn behind a breastplate.
In January 2014, the MCBL and CERDEC CP&I also established a collaborative body to ensure both operational and technical (systems development) presence and oversight.
chief of CERDEC Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate's Cyber Technology Branch.
CERDEC oversaw the process as the data moved through the Common CBM+ Architecture to JSEC, LIA, and a contractor support facility in Jackson, N.
The process described in this paper has evolved over the course of numerous studies done by the CERDEC Architecture and Systems Engineering Office (ASEO) for various Army customers, growing in fidelity and capability with each study.
Martin's discussion of current real world operations in which RDECOM [the Research, Development and Engineering Command] and CERDEC are providing critical technology--especially in the areas of sensors, communications and force protection--was very beneficial," said Adam Bogner, the AOC chapter president and an engineer with the CERDEC's Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate.
CERDEC NVESD conducts research and development of advanced night vision and other sensor technologies, such as infrared weapon sights, and long-range surveillance and target acquisition systems, which enhance the US Armed Forces' operational advantage in daytime, nighttime and limited visibility conditions.
Tony Thampan, a tactical power expert at CERDEC, said the technology would offer advantages to soldiers in the field.
To overcome these challenges, CERDEC S&TCD CSIAD engineers have been testing possible solutions for increasing performance of PKI certificate validation services over WIN-T at the brigade and battalion level.