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CERDIPCeramic Dual-In-Line Package
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Plating and CERDIP (an aluminum clad alloy) product applications have grown over 30% as compared to last year.
DiFrancesco was also granted a limited, two (2) year, non-transferable, with no right to sublicense, royalty-bearing license to produce all integrated circuit (IC) sockets for leaded package semiconductor parts including the following types of sockets as generally defined in the industry BGA, DIP, CERDIP, PLCC, LCC, SOIC, SSOIC, SOP, PGA, LGA, TSOP, TAB, SIP, ZIP, Flat pack, PQFP, CQFP, QUIP, and DTCP.
Available in 18-pin PDIP, SOIC, SSOP and windowed CERDIP packages, pricing for the PIC16HV540 is $1.