CERJComunidades Etnicas Runujel Junam (Spanish: Runujel Junam Council of Ethnic Communities; human rights education; Guatemala)
CERJCampaign for Equity-Restorative Justice (Vermont)
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Table 5: Consulted indicators of sample companies--part 2 Issuing Companies Indicators CERJ Fiscal Years 97 98 99 00 01 Capital Structure SE Imobilization 327 312 440 334 775 Third Parties' Cap.
This event, which ended with a religious ceremony, brought religious workers together with large numbers of union members and activists from such grassroots groups as GAM, CONAVIGUA, CONDEG, CUC, and CERJ.
One of the main tasks of the new owners of CERJ was to decrease the company's large energy losses, which were more than 28% (compared to the Brazilian average of 12%).
In spite of continuing terror and repression, new grass-roots organizations have formed: CERJ, the organization opposing the Civil Patrols and forced conscription by the army; CONAVIGUA, the organization of widows and orphans; GAM, the organization of relatives of the disappeared; CONDEG, the organization of displaced persons; the Communities in Resistance, indigenous communities living in the highlands who refuse to submit to the model villages; and others.
Pero las autoridades normativas, que habian visto a estas empresas informar de ganancias mayores a la vez que subian las tarifas, entraron en accion: en febrero le impusieron a Light una multa de US$1,2 millones y a CERJ una de US$800.
La adquisicion de CERJ, la compania de electricidad que abastece al estado de Rio de Janeiro fuera de la ciudad de Rio, le dio una poderosa presencia en Brasil, mientras este pais acelera la venta de su sector electrico, enorme y sediento de capital.