CERLConstruction Engineering & Research Laboratory
CERLConstruction Engineering Research Laboratory (US Army)
CERLCenter for Ethics and the Rule of Law (University of Pennsylvania)
CERLCentral Electricity Research Laboratories (Leatherhead, Surrey)
CERLCanadian Explosives Research Laboratory (CANMET)
CERLComputer-based Education Research Laboratory
CERLComputational Electromagnetics Research Laboratory (University of Victoria, Canada)
CERLCivil Engineering Research Laboratory
CERLCorvallis Environmental Research Laboratory
CERLCanadian Elections Resource Library (Canada)
CERLChief Electrician Radio Land Operator (US Navy rank)
CERLCognitive Ergonomics Research Laboratory (University of Calgary; Canada)
CERLCombustion and Engine Research Laboratory
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CERL has recognized that this could be a possible issue, and it has thus instituted certain procedural safeguards to prevent this kind of harm from occurring.
Also thanks to CERL, two exceptional tools for incunabula provenance are now available online (and are ones that I use heavily): Paul Needhams Index Possessorum Incunabulorum (IPI) and the Material Evidence in Incunabula (MEI) database.
Building on the analysis provided by CERL and using a full cost accounting model, we performed an analysis for the Tornado tank cleaning unit.
Prior to demolition, CERL took samples at the site for laboratory tests, including: air-ambient, air-personnel (OSHA), soil, dust, building structure and pavements.
Index Aureliensis--a united index of sixteenth-century books--is also not completed, and the international projects on later publications are not even mentioned (it not to take into account the CERL database, which is being composed as a mosaic made of small pieces and like any electronic database will hardly ever provide a full overview).
In the early 1980s, CERL began initial work on the Army's Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program.
We Would expect overall poverty levels (POVP) to be negatively correlated with YPER, CERL, LFAgr, INFL, REMIT, REMTY, SUB1, and SUBSY and WAGE, and positively correlated with GINP, LFP, INF, and TOT.
As with other government units, CERL has had to re-evaluate its remit; CERL now actively seeks business in other areas.
At CERL, a cadet majoring in civil engineering spent the summer researching renewable and alternative energy technologies in Afghanistan, concentrating on the potential to reduce the need for diesel fuel and reduce annual costs by installing a variety of energy-saving measures.
candidate in Political Science and a Graduate Student Associate of the Center for Empirical Research in the Law ("CERL"); Martin is Professor and CERL Director, School of Law, and Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, Arts & Sciences.
Cosper and CERL conducted the study on concrete debris generated at the demolition site of the Fort Ord complex in California.
Army's CERL in Champaign, Illinois, has also offered to help, along with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Minnesota Pollution Control agency, which have data on regulated sites in the affected region.