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Building on the analysis provided by CERL and using a full cost accounting model, we performed an analysis for the Tornado tank cleaning unit.
Prior to demolition, CERL took samples at the site for laboratory tests, including: air-ambient, air-personnel (OSHA), soil, dust, building structure and pavements.
CERL was involved in a major re-organization while it was preparing for accreditation; several months were lost as a result.
Notes: A pre-bid meeting will be held on 11/13/15 at 10:00 AM at CERL Building, Room 1111, 2902 Newmark Drive, Champaign, Illinois 61820.
Prior to demolition, CERL sampled at the site for laboratory tests, including: air-ambient, air-personnel (OSHA), soil, dust, building structure and pavements.
Air, soil, worker exposure and the final aggregate products were tested, and the CERL study has thus far concluded that lead dust remains in the buildings before demolition, which is a personnel protection issue for workers performing tasks on site.
In addition, CERL and CALIBRE signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to provide a robust support network and to enable the company's investment in further improving and developing BUILDER(TM) tools.
For more information, contact Alfred Beitelman or Charles Marsh at CERL, 800-USA-CERL.
The CMRA will soon finish a position paper on the project results, which will be an adjunct to the CERL report on the same subject to be discussed at the C&D World Expo and CMRA Annual Meeting Jan.
On one front, the CMRA is working with the government laboratory CERL to characterize painted concrete, ideally so it can show that the trace amounts of lead in such material does not render it unfit for recycling.
250 items in the PATRIMONiT database, entering the data in EDIT16 and in the CERL Thesaurus; 3) to study the edition history of these books using archival sources, that is to examine the historical circumstances related to their survival and international circulation with a new methodology.
The energy efficient packages started with a base package of low-energy features determined by CERL and NREL.