CERLACCentre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (York University; Canada)
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Viviana Patroni, the outgoing (and now returned) Director of CERLAC, and Marshall Beck, the Centre's Administrator, put an enormous amount of work into organizing the workshop and then re-organizing the event in the wake of a cancellation provoked by the World Health Organization ban on travel to Toronto during the SARS outbreak in May 2003.
3) Held in September 2003, this event was dedicated to "International Migration in the Americas: Emerging Issues," (4) and was designed to build on the efforts of CERLAC members and others in the York community to address international migration from this more comparative perspective.
example, Pearce CERLAC Paper, supra note 45, at 6-12; Short, supra note
Rights" (19 October 1998); see also Pearce CERLAC Paper, supra note
In this respect I want to mention Viviana Patroni, Director of CERLAC, who brought the journal to York University and worked with great energy as an editorial board member and guest editor, giving abundant encouragement at every turn.