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CERPACentre for Research, Planning, and Action (India)
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28, 2001, authorities turned over the bodies of two MRTA leaders, Cerpa Cartollini and Eduardo Cruz Sanchez, to their families for burial.
Other rebels, including Nestor Cerpa, were shot at point-blank range in the forehead.
The prosecution's evidence centered on three points: Berenson rented the safe house where the police arrested Rincon, then number three in the MRTA, in 1995; the photographer she worked with was Nancy Gilvonio, wife of MRTA leader Nestor Cerpa who was killed during the 1997 hostage crisis (see NotiSur, 1997-04-25); and her handwriting was said to match documents relating to the congressional takeover and other MRTA actions.
According to Peruvian news reports, though, Tupac Amaru rebel leader Nestor Cerpa appears to have softened his demands, and would now accept the release of as few as 50 inmates.
The 3 hour 20 minute meeting between Tupac Amaru rebel leader Nestor Cerpa and government negotiator Domingo Palermo was seen as an important breakthrough in negotiations to free the remaining 72 hostages.
A man who identified himself as Nestor Cerpa Cartolini, the Tupac Amaru leader, said in the radio transmission that the idea of a commission ``should be addressed without obstacles so that the hostage situation can be resolved as soon as possible.
Both sides have stated their willingness to avoid bloodshed, though neither the president nor Nestor Cerpa Cartolini, the guerrilla leader, has indicated any point on which they are willing to compromise.
Despite the releases, which left 81 hostages in the residence, the leader of the rebels, Nestor Cerpa Cartolini, told photographers earlier in the day that no meaningful progress toward resolving the crisis had taken place.
He said only that he had a ``casual conversation'' with Nestor Cerpa, the leader of the guerrillas who took over the residence during a gala cocktail party Dec.
Guerrilla commander Nestor Cerpa has kept the hostages with the most political value - including police generals, government ministers, Supreme Court judges and Japanese businessmen.
What emerged during the past two days was something akin to a high-stakes game of chess between Fujimori and Nestor Cerpa Cartolini, the Tupac Amaru rebel commander, with each countering the other with moves that are purposefully ambiguous to keep the other guessing.
His offer came late Saturday night after the leader of the rebels, Nestor Cerpa, promised to gradually free captives who are not connected to the government.