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CERPACentre for Research, Planning, and Action (India)
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Cerpa W, Varela-Nallar L, Reyes AE, Minniti AN, Inestrosa NC.
With: Alberto Fujimori, Nestor Cerpa Jr, Morihisa Aoki, Vice-Admiral Luis Giampietri, Michel Minnig.
Antonio Medina Trejo, periodista, de 38 anos, y Jorge Cerpa, economista, de 31 anos, fueron entrevistados por Siempre
On April 22, 1997, army commandos carried out a rescue operation, during which two soldiers, one of the 72 remaining hostages, and all 14 MRTA guerrillas, including operation leader Nestor Cerpa Cartolini, died (see NotiSur, 1997-04-25).
521-0627) for gourmet fish and pasta dishes and try the light, sweet, tasty Cerpa beer.
It was in Quito, Castrellon says, that Berenson spoke with Nestor Cerpa, then the leader of the MRTA, and a woman they called Ysabel.
El PDCH lo crea un bloque disidente del PRD (33), y el PFC, lo encabeza Leonardo Leon Cerpa y otros militantes de extraccion priista (34).
Scout member Lizbeth Cerpa, 9, of Alhambra liked the airbrushed tattoos best, getting a pink and purple butterfly on her left forearm.
Although the "hostage rescue" briefly sent Fujimori's approval rating back up, it quickly fell when Fujimori appeared on television a few days after the rescue, gloating over the dead body of rebel leader Nestor Cerpa.