CERTEXCertification Exercise
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9) And the benefits of the LTP rotation will continue to add up as the 502d conducts its PDSS, participates in a predeployment CERTEX, and leverages lessons learned and newfound skills while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom during fiscal year 2014.
During CERTEX I and II, the brigade used all available signal assets to take full advantage of the flexibility of links within the brigade.
At the conclusion of CERTEX I at the NTC the brigade identified a data "gap" between the power of the automated systems and the limited digital transmission capabilities fielded to battalions compared with the relatively high bandwidth capable systems available to the brigade headquarters.
Days after CERTEX I the brigade S6 began working with Battle Command Battle Lab-Fort Gordon and the Program Executive Office-Command, Control and Computers, Tactical to develop a potential solution.
During CERTEX I and II, the brigade experienced significant FBCB2 parts availability issues.
This issue is specific to the digital bridge, and does not have any bearing on the SBCT CERTEX.
This issue is specific to the DB, and does not have any bearing on the SBCT CERTEX.
The Stryker Brigade demonstrated a unique set of capabilities during the April 2003 CERTEX.
In response to this problem, CERTEX deployed Expand Networks' ACCELERATORs in numerous locations, dramatically improving the performance of the network in these locations and enabling the deployment of the mission critical NxTrend Technology's SX.
enterprise," said Bill Laughton, director of Information Technology with CERTEX.
Expand Networks was a perfect fit for a company like CERTEX with a multiple location network that needed to support high bandwidth communications at a low cost," said Talmon Marco, president and co-founder of Expand Networks.
We worked with CERTEX to find the right solution to address its network performance problem.