CESAGCentre Africain d'Etudes Superieures en Gestion (French: Institute of Post-Graduate Management Studies)
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Jacques Liouville, Professor of Management, Metz University, Metz, member of the Research Center CESAG (University Robert Schuman), Strasbourg, France.
Constantin Nanopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Statistics and Management, IECS (Ecole de Management Europeen), University Robert Schuman, and member of the CESAG, Strasbourg, France.
In 1986, the CESAG published the results of a study which showed that the secondary sectors of the German mechanical engineering industry standing above average as far as their export ratio is concerned, are usually facing a declining domestic market.
marks 1970 1982 1970 1982 Smallest unit 181 169 8 16 First quartile 885 750 48 96 Median 2,457 2,186 132 288 Third quartile 6,006 5,507 467 1,180 Biggest unit 95,810 85,904 5,192 15,575 Source: CESAG.