CESAMComité d'Études et de Services des Assureurs Maritimes et Transports (French: Transport and Maritime Underwriters Studies and Services Board)
CESAMCentre d'Enseignement de la Statistique Appliquée à la Médecine et à la Biologie Médicale (French: Center for Teaching Statistics Applied to Medicine and Medical Biology)
CESAMCorps of Engineers, South Atlantic Division Mobile District (USACE)
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CESAM was selective; because of the high annual fees, only large firms could afford to join.
The members of APMQ (firms only) thought that CESAM did not meet the aspirations of small firms.
CESAM and the APMQ contributed to creating some links between firms, but these appear to have been more of a social nature than related to production or commercialization.
In December 2000, the members of the Association des producteurs en multimedia du Quebec (APMQ), the Consortium multimedia (CESAM) and the Forum des inforoutes et du multimedia (FIM) approved a joint agreement to create Alliance numeriQC, a merger of CESAM and FIM.
For Cermex OC, 2001 is the CESAM year, as the whole range of TS-type shrink-wrap machines will be fitted with CESAM applications as a standard and because many other exciting innovations will be implemented, thanks to the fact that CESAM is run directly from a PC.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 of 2 CESAM contract concerns the design, construction and setting up the A43 for a new computer system supervisory and control systems (SSCC) with an operations support system ( SAE).
Lot 2 of 2 CESAM market focuses on providing and installing the PC CESAM a video wall composed of retroprojetes LED modules and the associated graphics controller.
Supply and delivery of road salt for winter maintenance needs of the Maurienne motorway and the Frejus Tunnel, in the department of Savoie, on the section Aiton - Frejus tunnel with two operating centers of knowledge On the one hand the CESAM located at 157 PR from the A43 motorway and the other at the Center of Praz located at 188 PR of the same route.