CESAMECentre de Santé Mentale Angevin (French mental health center)
CESAMECenter for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education (US NSF and Northeastern University)
CESAMECentre for Exercise Science and Medicine (University of Glasgow; UK)
CESAMECentre Éclaireur de Spéléologie et d'Archéologie de Mézelet (French: Scout Caving Center and Mezelet Archaelogy)
CESAMEConseil en Environnement Sols et Aménagement (French: Land and Environment Development Council)
CESAMECentre d'Entrainement a la Survie et au Sauvetage en Mer (French: Survival and Rescue at Sea Rescue Center)
CESAMECoalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education (advocacy group)
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The most important data from CESAME, however, was that patients who discontinued thiopurines hada lymphoma incidence tate that went back to that of the general population," Dr.
The European Commission has decided to continue the work of its expert group on clearing and settlement, known as CESAME, in a new incarnation - CESAME II.
Seksik and his colleagues examined the risk of colorectal cancer in CESAME, a cross-sectional French cohort study that prospectively assesses the risk of cancers in patients with irritable bowel diseases.
Two other groups are examining other aspects of the Giovannini barriers: CESAME on industry-related barriers and the Legal Certainty Group on legal barriers.
Contract notice: Supply and commissioning of metal laryngoscope blades, manual armbands, stethoscopes and tuning forks for the Groupement des commands composed of CHU Angers, CH de Saumur, Health Baugeois Valle and CESAME.