CESCOCentral Electricity Supply Company of Orissa Ltd. (now Central Electricity Supply Utility of Orissa; India)
CESCOCentre for Studies in Counselling (University of Durham; UK)
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We are delighted to welcome CESCO to the Sonepar USA family," said Tony Burr, President, Sonepar USA.
Joining the Sonepar USA group of companies provides our associates with fantastic opportunities for growth and personal development that reflect the team spirit we have here at CESCO," said Craig Levering, Chief Executive Officer of CESCO.
The CESCO purchase is Sonepar USA's seventh acquisition in less than two years.
commented, "We are delighted to transition our relationship with CESCO to this formal agreement and applaud their commitment on implementing clean energy technology initiatives.
Raul Huerta Romero, President & General Manager of CESCO commented, "We have been and continue to be fully committed to the promotion of environmental conservation and energy efficiency though our efforts in the 'Zero Emission Program' for the Government of Jalisco, Mexico.
These increases were offset by reductions in Argentina because of the devaluation of the Argentine peso, reductions at Sul because of the devaluation during the quarter of the Brazilian real, reductions in revenues at our El Salvador distribution businesses and the change to reflect CESCO in India as an equity affiliate in the second quarter of 2001.
3) AES CESCO, Bombay Suburban Electricity Board and Tata Electric Companies 4) Tata Electric Companies 5) BBI Power Corporation 6) J.
The remaining 49% equity interest in CESCO would be held by the State Government controlled Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited (GRIDCO).
CESCO serves the eastern and central parts of Orissa, including the communities of Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Dhenkanal and Paradeep.
In addition, Proliance Energy will provide gas sales, administration and marketing services to customers currently served by IES, Indiana Energy's gas marketing affiliate, and CESCO, a gas marketing subsidiary of Citizens Gas.
A staff of approximately 18 other employees, who have been involved with gas supply and sales activities for the two companies or their marketing affiliates, IES and CESCO, has also been named.