CESCRCommittee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
CESCRCovenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
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Given the far-reaching scope of the extraterritorial obligations that the CESCR suggests in some of its General Comments, it is striking that the CESCR has based its proposals on neither a detailed analysis of the text of the provisions of the ICESCR and the different ways in which they could be interpreted, (163) nor on the context or object and purpose of the ICESCR.
The difference in detail in the documents is clearly illustrated by comparing their lengths -the CCD is 67 pages while the CESCR document is 259 pages.
CESCR General Comment 'The Right to the Highest Attainable Standard of Health' UN ESCOR 2000, UN Doc.
To participate at this stage, NGOs should submit written information directly to the country rapporteur and/or to the CESCR Secretariat in advance of the pre-sessional group meetings.
The CESCR, however, stresses that states have the burden of justifying each element of article 4: powers must be in accordance with the law (including international human rights law), in the interest of legitimate aims, and strictly necessary for the general welfare in a democratic society.
A primary goal of the CESCR is economic justice--something that is highly unlikely in the current social atmosphere of the United States.
The report submitted by the Tajikistani NGO coalition for this week's CESCR session is a follow-up to a report submitted for the May 2014 session.
According to the CESCR, "environmental hygiene, as an aspect of the right to health [.
However, it has also been criticized for rejecting the minimum core approach that has been championed by the CESCR Committee.
In 2006, the UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion of Human Rights adopted CESCR recommendations for safe drinking water and sanitation.