CESFCenter for Engineering Systems Fundamentals (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
CESFCommittee on the Economic Status of the Faculty (University of Michigan)
CESFCommander, Eastern Sea Frontier (US Navy)
CESFCommunity Educational Services Foundation (Arlington, VA)
CESFCambridge Enterprise Seed Funds (University of Cambridge; UK)
CESFCumulus Extracellular Matrix Stabilizing Factor (cell biology)
CESFCertificat d'Economie Sociale et Familiale (French)
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The impact of the CESF program on the participating student fellows and on the people and organizations they serve is undeniable, and has become a signature component of the community service initiative at Stanbridge, and in turn, a greater education in humanity and healing.
This safety has come under threat in recent years according to the CESF with uncontrolled fires and illegal poaching and hunting taking place.
The CESF calls for resources to be provided by both communities to enforce the existing ban on hunting and trapping in the buffer zone, and encourages senior negotiators in the peace talks to consider transforming the area into a Peace Park," a CESF press release said yesterday.
The CESF was launched in January 2007 and is a bi-communal, multi-disciplinary coalition of environmental stakeholders advocating common solutions to island-wide environmental problems.
El CESF y la ECFA resultaron ser altamente confiables y mostraron validez de constructo mediante los analisis factoriales realizados.
When properly installed and operated by qualified operators, CESF systems have achieved great success.
The success of any CESF system depends on the depth of the operator's training and time spent on the job--and not just the equipment used.