CESLCominco Engineering Services Ltd. (Canada)
CESLContact Etch Stop Layer
CESLCentral East Soccer League (Ontario, Canada)
CESLColegio Estadual Santa Luzia (Portuguese: State College Santa Luzia; Santa Luzia, Brazil)
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In the following section, the law of damages under the SGA and the CESL will be outlined, with the central aspects being identified and explained in the context of those two legal regimes.
The right to damages is considered as the last remedy that the buyer can refer to under the CESL.
And only if consumers say yes to CESL will online traders be able to sell on the basis of one genuine European set of rules throughout the internal market, said the rapporteurs.
For example, if a customer orders a product online from a different country under the CESL and it proves to be faulty a range of remedies would be available, such as termination of the contract, replacement or repair of the product, or a price reduction.
The immediate advantage of the CESL process is increased recovery of copper and gold from the copper concentrates and reduced transportation costs.
In addition, the collection of the Brisas bulk sample required for the final CESL test at TeckCominco's CESL facility is underway.
The CESL test will provide final feasibility level data for metal recovery, sizing, engineering and design of the CESL plant.
results for 2004 incorporate the results of CESL only for the nine
Through this joint initiative, CESL will accelerate commercialization of its innovative technology, and by exploiting this new technology the full potential of the substantial resources of the Gibraltar mine can be realized much sooner and more economically.
Samples were taken from the Tritton deposit and processed through the CESL pilot plant in Vancouver, BC.
If the treatment process is feasible, the solution from the CESL refinery can be treated in the existing solvent extraction -- electrowinning plant (SX-EW) at the Company's Girilambone mine.