CESMCircuit Emulation Service Module
CESMCyclops Enterprise Security Manager (software)
CESMCold Exposure Survival Model
CESMCertified Environmental Systems Manager (NREP)
CESMCentre d'Etudes Sous-Marines (Saint-Florent, Corsica, France)
CESMCheese Eating Surrender Monkey
CESMCouncil Estate Supermodels (band)
CESMCisco Circuit Emulation Services (Cisco)
CESMCryptologic Electronic Warfare Support Measures
CESMCenter for Environmental Studies and Management (Philippines)
CESMCommunity Earth System Model (National Center for Atmospheric Research; Boulder, CO)
CESMCollaborative Enterprise Secure Messaging
CESMClassification of Educational Study Matter (South African Ministry of Education)
CESMCreation Evolution, and Science Ministries
CESMCounter Electronic Support Measures
CESMCommunications Electronic Warfare Support Measures
CESMCorrectional Exemplary Service Medal (Canadian employees of Federal and Provincial Corrections Systems)
CESMCryptologic Electronic Surveillance Measure
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The vessel electronic suite is mainly based on new and upgrade programmes, including new Type 997 Artisan E/F band 3-D medium range radar, existing ASW suites including Sonar 2050 hull-mounted and variable depth Sonar 2087, an advanced EW suite including RESM, CESM and decoys, the new M BDA Sea Ceptor area air defence system, which is first due to be installed on Type 23s.
Using the CESM, researchers can now simulate the interaction of marine ecosystems with greenhouse gases; the climatic influence of ozone, dust, and other atmospheric chemicals; the cycling of carbon through the atmosphere, oceans, and land surfaces; and the influence of greenhouse gases on the upper atmosphere.
CESM does not require the use of any clients on workstations or servers to provide effective security nor does it require physical presence in front of any device.
GE Healthcare's newly FDA-cleared SenoBright system offers CESM technology.
Moreover in terms of workflow, a CESM exam takes from 5 to 10 minutes," said Dr Clarisse Dromain, Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute, France.
An analysis of the SLP distances between those observed during December 2015 and CESM simulations indicates that they are not statistically different from the NCEP reanalysis (Fig.
The Shaman Infrastructure and Support Contract (SISC) is one element of the overall programme to deliver the Shaman CESM system into service and provide through-life support.
The primary user of said service will be the Climate Risk Management Unit (CRMU/H07) of the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) of the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC), initially to run 3 codes (Community Earth System Model CESM, COSMO-CLM, TM5).
The four-year Ministry of Defense contract for the CESM system, called as Eddystone, covers post-design services and support for backing up infrastructure ashore.