CESNCanadian Electronic Scholarly Network
CESNCaribbean Ecotourism Support Network
CESNUniversity of Massachusetts Boston Center for Coastal Environmental Sensing Networks
CESNCauda Epididymal Sperm Number
CESNCentral Eurasian Scholars Network (Central Eurasian Studies Society)
CESNCanadian Environmental Sciences Network
CESNCoastal and Estuarine Science News (Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation)
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The network of monitoring buoys, according to Peri, represents a test-bed for innovative sensor technologies that CESN hopes to build upon over the next decade.
The Neponset is one of the big CDOM contributors to Boston Harbor, yet many people are unaware of the conservation issues connected to this important water system" said Franceso Peri, managing director for CESN.
The newly shaped joint venture CESN is likely to exploit the country s budding network of natural gas delivery facility and the availability of natural gas will help develop distributed power production facilities normally in the group of 2MW to 50 MW to fulfill demands of a broad range of industrial and IPP clients in Nigeria.