CESVAConcertation, Équilibre et Sérénité à Ville d'Avray (French: Coordination, Balance and Serenity in Ville d'Avray; Ville d'Avray, France)
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Founded in sunny Barcelona during 1969, CESVA are able to draw on over 40 years experience within the acoustics industry.
NOVA Acoustics offer straightforward, up-front pricing for all CESVA equipment and will demonstrate any instruments before purchase, so that their quality and ease of use is ensured.
For the study of short-term effects on BP, noise exposure will be assessed indoors during the night, using a type 1 noise meter (CESVA SC310; CESVA Instruments, SL, Barcelona, Spain), which records noise levels eight times per second, complemented by noise recording, using mp3 players, to allow characterization of the noise source (e.