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CESVICooperazione E Sviluppo
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Solera Technology Centre GmbH, a joint venture between Solera Holdings, Inc and MAPFRE SA, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CESVI (Center for Experimentation and Road Safety) Brasil.
Tony Aquila, Solera's founder, Chairman and CEO, said, 'The opportunity for us to acquire and invest in CESVI Brasil and its great team is part of STC's global strategy to enable the markets with not only intelligent data, but to also help further research to enable transparent decision making throughout the vehicle lifecycle.
Specialized literature on the topic is focused on solving simulation problems to calculate deformations and speeds of deformation, [8] for example, by studying the amount of energy absorbed and deformation during an impact through image analysis [9] and studies that propose the implementation of passive safety systems onto vehicular driving justifying it through vehicle collision statistics [10]; hence, this specific item of implementing the device is innovative regarding its purpose and which to date has only been implemented at CESVI.
The mechanism must be placed inside the vehicle, aimed toward the brake pedal to be triggered; this condition proposes for the mechanism to be versatile, easily anchored, and for use in various types of vehicles that gather the conditions for the impact test study carried out by CESVI Colombia.
Established in Italy in 1985, Cesvi is working in Tajikistan since 2001, where it implements humanitarian and development projects encompassing sectors such as environment protection, rural development, disaster risk reduction and income generating activities.
The study tour is only the first of a number of Tajik/Kyrgyz joint initiatives, Marco Alfieri, Cesvi Project Manager said.
CESVI considers the involvement of women and girls as crucial to effective WASH intervention and will foster the sustainability of the project to by equally involve
CESVI is conducting a cash transfer programme in the area (through CfW for flood protection) for most
Applications are invited for Provision of consultancy are to manage the implementation of the project Decreased Local Human Pressure in the Usuthu-Tembe-Futi and the Lubombo Conservancy Goba Transfrontier Conservation Areas of Mozambique and Swaziland as well as create opportunities for the continuity of the programme and widening Cesvi intervention in Mozambique.
The person will respond to the Cesvi HQs Desk Officer.
camp arrived in South Sudan with their livestock and according to CESVI livestock assessment (August 2012)
influx are enormous, and have been detailed in both the rapid needs assessment conducted by Cesvi and also in a report