CETFCalifornia Emerging Technology Fund
CETFCitizens Energy Task Force
CETFConsolidated Education and Training Facility (US Air Force)
CETFCaltech Environmental Task Force
CETFCritical Evaluation Task Force
CETFChemical Education Trust Fund
CETFCommunity Engagement Task Force (Minneapolis, MN)
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The organization structure proposed for raising of four CETF Battalions (TA) for NMCG is based on the existing model of Ecological Task Force Battalions (TA).
The terms and conditions: The terms and conditions of service of personnel recruited in the proposed CETF Battalions (TA) will be governed by the provisions laid down in Territorial Army Act and Territorial Army Regulations 1948, (Revised 1976).
The long serving 57143184 was considered excess by Seventh Air Force after the CETF EC-121Ds were fully fitted with the Rivet Gym modification.
According to the EBRD, CETF will make around 10 and 15 investments, each of 5 million-30 million.
Proposal submissions must be submitted by the December 15 deadline for review in early January 2005 by the CETF Trustees.
We are looking for project proposals which lever the CETF contributions, typically through the efforts of volunteers to have a national impact.
Projects recently supported by the CETF have included (see May 2002 ACCN, p.
Proposal submissions are submitted for the December deadline for review in early January by the CETF Trustees.
The CETF has existed under a variety of names, within the CIC, since 1948.