CETIMCentre Europe-Tiers Monde (French: Europe-Third World Centre; Geneva, Switzerland)
CETIMCenter for Technology and Innovation Management (various locations)
CETIMCentre d'Études et de Services Technologiques de l'Industrie des Matériaux de Construction (French: Construction Material Industry and Technology Services Study Center; Algeria)
CETIMCentre Technique des Industrie Mécaniques (French: Mechanical Industry Technical Center)
CETIMCentre d'Etudes et de Technologies de l'Industrie des Matériaux de Construction (French)
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17) Vease el comunicado del CETIM (Centro Europa-Tercer Mundo) con motivo del cuarto periodo de sesiones, 2007, del Consejo de Derechos Humanos, titulado "La deuda externa de los paises en desarrollo" (http://www.
The study presented in this article, based on a real industrial case treated by CETIM, aims to highlight the differences in results of testing applied on the same structure with different configurations, all consistent with current rules.
Anxious to achieve the testing of this spherical tank in the best detection conditions, CETIM had adopted this acquisition threshold value, allowing a better detection without being disturbed by environmental conditions.
The simulations developed at CETIM by Catty and Pinto using the CASTOR[R] software (for the calculation of pressure vessels), as represented in Figs.
Essais non destructifs : remission acoustique, mise en ceuvre et applications, editions AFNOR CETIM.
Francis Osweiller's career began in 1970, when he joined CETIM in Paris as an analytical engineer in pressure vessel design.
A cooperation agreement was signed between Bertin and a French software vendor, CRIL INGENIERE, and CETIM, a representative organisation for 3000 French SMEs in the mechanical industry.