CETRCytoplasmic Extract of Trichophyton Rubrum (microbiology)
CETRCenter for Explosives Technology Research
CETRCommunity Education Training Review (Scotland, UK)
CETRCenter for Etourism Research
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TABLE 1 Effective Tax Rates: Means and Standard Deviations Mendoza (1970-2001) Devereux (1982-2002) KETR CETR METR AETR Statutory Mean Mean Mean Mean Mean Country (SD) (SD) (SD) (SD) (SD) Austria 50.
CF is an autosomal, recessive disorder caused by more than 900 mutations in the CETR gene.
8220;Our current customers are interested in materials structure and mechanical property relationships, and with nearly a 50% overlap between CETR's customers and our own, we are delighted to add CETR technology to our common offering,” said Mark R.
CETR was founded in 1993 to offer testing and consulting services to high-tech companies.
CETR customers are interested in mechanically testing the structure property relationships as they relate to tribology and nano-mechanical properties just as Bruker Nano Surfaces division's current customers want to use microscopy and metrology to measure topography, and other surface properties.
CETR products can perform multitudes of operations to characterize nano-, micro- and macro-mechanical and tribological properties under harsh environmental conditions (high and low temperatures and humidity, vacuum, gases, etc.
CETR develops nano-mechanical and tribological test instrumentation, serving biomedical, petroleum, microelectronics, energy and automotive markets.
Within a year, CETR started developing and manufacturing its own test equipment, and now is a worldwide leader in nano-mechanical and tribological test instrumentation, serving both basic materials research and industrial manufacturing in a wide range of fields, including the biomedical, petroleum, microelectronics, energy, and automotive markets.
CETR instruments have been successfully utilized in numerous academic labs for fundamental materials research and have been responsible for important breakthroughs in studies of thin films, as well as in numerous factories and plants for quality control of ink-jet cartridges, razor blades, industrial oils and many other industrial, medical and consumer products.
OTCBB: BMTL) changed its ticker symbol from CETR to BMTL, reflecting the previously announced reverse merger with CET Services, Inc.
Also, CETR provides testing and consulting services to solve friction, wear and lubrication problems in petroleum, chemical, machine tool, automotive, aircraft, space, disk drive, semiconductor equipment and other industries.