CEUSContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
CEUSComputers, Environment and Urban Systems (publication)
CEUSCentral and Eastern United States
CEUSCommercial End-Use Survey (commercial energy use study; California Energy Commission)
CEUSCentre for European Union Studies (various locations)
CEUSCenter for Environmental and Urban Studies (Santa Monica College; California)
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The basic conditions of CEUS were machine-designed.
Doctors with more than 5 years of experience with CEUS performed ultrasound examinations.
Among 12 missed cases by CTA in Group A, eight were verified as having endoleak by CEUS and seven were verified by CDFI.
The diagnostic values of CEUS and CDFI in assessing post-EVAR endoleak in our cases were statistically different ( P = 0.
Six patients with high-pressure endoleaks (three cases of type I and three cases of type III) received endovascular re-intervention guided by CEUS results.
We investigated the performance of CEUS on post-EVAR endoleaks not correctly diagnosed by CTA, and also compared the diagnostic value of CEUS and CDFI in these cases.
Wilson said that CEUS is an "excellent tool" for detecting cancers of the kidney, liver, bladder, spleen, bowel and gall bladder, and for helping physicians differentiate between malignant and benign tumors.
No ionizing radiation is used in standard ultrasound or CEUS, and ultrasound contrast agents do not contain the type of dye that can damage kidneys or other organs, she said.
For this reason, CEUS may make a significant contribution to patient management.
Wilson said her team compared CEUS to non-enhanced CT because many patients cannot tolerate CT contrast agents.
In 72 patients with liver masses, CEUS allowed physicians to confidently identify and characterize all of the masses while non-enhanced CT missed part or all of the mass (32), or failed to allow physicians to confidently characterize the mass (40).
The society, which was launched in 2008, is the only international professional organization exclusively focused on CEUS.