CEXCCombined Explosive Exploitation Cell
CExCCentro Experimental del Conocimiento (Spain)
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After the tier I analysis was completed, the materials were turned in to CEXC for additional analysis.
The headquarters platoon, led primarily by the fire support officer, re-directed intelligence analysis, enemy trend identification, and CEXC device profile tracking.
This includes the link-up, reception, and transfer of explosive material from an ISF location to CEXC laboratories for analysis.
The brigade's strategy to overcome this hurdle was to identify key judges in each distinct operational environment and then take them on guided trips to the CEXC and JEFF labs.
Companies were able to work with their battalion S2 and LEP, who had direct access with the PTF, ETF, CEXC and JEFF labs, to turn in evidence acquired on the battlefield.
18) Commander Scott Kraft, USN (former officer-in-charge, CEXC Iraq, Baghdad), interview by Marc Tranchemontagne, October 18, 2011.
A few capabilities have been written into doctrine or have become programs of record, such as the CEXC platoons, which deploy small footprint expeditionary laboratories for the technical exploitation of IEDs and other ordnance, and the Army EFLs, which perform expeditionary forensic exploitation of IEDs as their name implies.
The Services have developed a variety of modular, scalable, deployable laboratories for overseas contingencies, including those used by the Navy CEXC platoons and Army EFLs.
The Army's EFLs and the Navy's Technical Support Detachment with its subordinate CEXC platoons would be well suited to fulfill the QDR priority of enhancing domestic counter-IED capabilities.
The course focuses on the proper way to collect, preserve, and ship forensic materials to the appropriate labs; and it covers the capabilities of the JEFF and CEXC labs.