CEZMSChurch of England Zenana Missionary Society
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In a clear continuity with the discourses of the CEZMS and the LMS publications, the articles written by the PIVM missionary women also represent the Indians as sad, miserable, pitiful and in darkness.
In its writings we see a move towards a more emotionally restrained professionalism and comradeship between women of different faiths, signalled above by Miss Clifford of the CEZMS.
There was less of a dichotomy drawn between Christian and non-Christian women, than in the publications of the LMS, CEZMS and PIVM discussed earlier.
In the texts of the CEZMS and LMS, the 'right feelings' of Christian love are produced out of a mixture of pity--for the victimized Indian/heathen/Hindu woman--and goodness, evinced in the power to give--love, joy, dolls, education.
The LMS and CEZMS primarily drew their missionary recruits from Britain, in part because both the LMS and the CMS (the parent organization of the CEZMS) had separately established organizations in the settler colonies, such as Australia and New Zealand.