CEnvChartered Environmentalist (UK)
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Will replaces Dr Peter Matthews CBE OBE HonFSE CEnv who completes his second term as Chair of the Society, which spanned between July 2015 and July 2017.
A range of benefits include Continuing Professional Development, online resources, leading technical magazine Plant Engineer, events, networking, and routes to professional registration at EngTech, IEng, CEng and CEnv levels.
Ben Watson CEng CTPD CEnv MIED holds a PhD In Design Strategy and Innovation.
According to Leiper, CEnv status is the key qualification to demonstrate competence in the area, and its creation has been driven mainly by customer demand.
The IMeehE said its support for the CEnv registration had proved a popular decision.
NEW MEMBERS & REGISTRANTS Members Mr Kim Wai Lee Mr Balakrishnan Ravindra Mr Nicholas Seddon Mr Lap Kan Lee Mr Jun Shi Mr Kwok Hei Ng Mr Kit Shan Wu Mr Leon Oosthuysen Mr Tak Wai Wong Mr Ping Kwong Sherman Chan Joint Member Mr Tirthankar Basu (SaRS) Student Member Miss Jie Li New Registrants Mr Tirthankar Basu CEng Mrs Ann Margaret Zakaszewska CEng Mr Chung Cheong Fok CEnv
IED becomes a licensed body of SocEnv, awarding CEnv registration
Chief executive Libby Meyrick celebrates this completion of the Triple Crown, alongside CEnv and CEng, to IED members
Dr Ben Watson, PhD MDes(Hons) LCGI CEng CEnv CTPD MIED, who holds all three Chartered registrations available through the IED, explains why gaining registration as a Chartered Technological Product Designer is such an important step forward
The reviewing at a packed membership committee meeting in November was pretty robust and I can confidently say that this will be as rigorous a process as we operate for CEng and CEnv.
FSEE, CEng, CEnv Consultant Category Standard Description Environmental Testing BS ISO 9022 Optics and photonics.