CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Commander (US DoD)
CFACCCombined Force Air Component Commander
CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Command
CFACCCoalition Forces Air Component Commander
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At the operational level, the CFACC might choose to implement distributed control to focus his attention on areas of more intense combat or, perhaps, reduce demands on limited Air Operations Center (AOC) bandwidth.
They also routinely attend the Air Force's strike planning course at Hurlburt Field, Florida, and later, having moved on to postcommand billets, its week-long CFACC course at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
The challenges faced by the CFACC staff included location of the CAOC, how to establish connectivity across four networks in a multinational environment, how to provide interoperability between all warfare commanders, and how to manage the vast amounts of information (knowledge management) on the networks.
This command structure meant that the CFACC, as the commander in the sense of the SROE, has tactical control over all OEF flying missions within the tactical area of responsibility.
The CFACC established 45 days as the minimum time an augmentee should be present for duty.
So from September 1918 and the first CFACC, 87 years is not that long ago.
In this branch of the overall war plan, the CFACC was the supported commander, and the Special Operations Task Force commander provided the human sensors to identify targets, control attacks, and assess results.
2) In short, operational and tactical operations demanded more than the theater CFACC construct offered.
Second, commanders at all levels, from the CFACC to aircraft commanders, take appropriate risks in combat.
Operational control remained with TRANSCOM while tactical control was exercised through the CENTCOM CFACC even though the mission was launched in another theater (the European Command).
Are the proponents of the video game hypothesis prepared to accuse the CFACC of dissociating his activity from reality?
During contingency and airpower employment, CFACC [Combined Force Air Component Commander]/JFACC does not have the time to exercise TACON of strategic airlift assets.